Healing Illuminations was created to provide services that promote health and wellness for the body, mind, and spirit- the inseparable moving parts of ourselves. 

Life is a sacred journey. 

"It is my sincerest joy to assist my clients in their quest for perfect health and the bliss of spiritual awakening!" 

- Bridget  Krutzik, Intuitive Soul Coach

Educational Background:   
  • B.A. from Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Certificate in Nutrition, Herbalism, and Body Care from The American College of Health Sciences
  • Certified Usui Reiki Master 
  • Certificate in Iridology from The American College of Health Sciences
  • Certificate in Interior Alignment (a combination of Feng Shui and Space Clearing) from Two Feathers, LLC
  • Certificate in Soul Coaching from Denise Linn
  • Certificate in Past Life Regression from Denise Linn 
  • Certificate in Angelic Reiki Healing and Teaching from Master Teachers Kevin and Christine Core
  • Certificate in Shamballa Energy Healing from Kevin and Christine Core
  • Certificate for Teaching the Golden Heart Merkabah Meditation from Kevin and Christine Core
  • Grezzo Restaurant Certified Living Foods Chef (Boston, MA) from Alissa Cohen
  • Certificate in Raw Food Nutrition from David Wolfe and the BodyMind Institute 
  • Certified Sai Maa Diksha (Enlightnment Blessing) Giver
  • Certificate in Advanced Detoxification from Natalia Rose, Author of the Raw Food Detox Diet and Clinical Nutritionist 
  • Certificate in Seraphim Blueprint Energy Healing:  Levels I, II, and II
  • Women's Health
  • Digestive Health 
  • Whole Family Health
  • Easy and Healthy Weight Balancing Principles
  • Resolving Chronic Conditions
  • Diet/Lifestyle Practices for a Long Life, Free of Pain and Degenerative Diseases
  • The Mind-Body-Spirit Connection
  • Raising Spiritual Awareness
  • Meditation as an Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Wellness Enhancing Practice