Sacred Geometry Space Clearings

Sacred Geometry Space Clearing

Create harmony, peace, and positive energy flow in your home, 

place of business, or on your land.

Have you ever walked into a room after there was an argument there?  It feels tense!   In fact, in many cases, "you could cut the tension with a knife."  In truth, a piece of land, a house, or even an object, can carry the energy of interactions held within it forever- for better or worse.  These energies accumulate like dust in a space, creating a thickness that clouds the pure energy of Source.  This results in a subtle feeling that can be interpreted as tension, cloudiness, and negativity- or, simply a lack of the desired vibrance and clarity.

Traditional cultures who live close to the Earth have rituals to clear energetic residue seasonally and even daily.  Through my study of many different space clearing techniques, I have created a method of space clearing that can be done from a distance and combines the most profound wisdom teachings from traditional space clearing practices with intuitive knowledge gleaned from my own space clearing experiences over the years.

Sacred space energy clearing combines the principles of traditional (indigenous) space clearing practice with those of Angelic Reiki healing, Shamballa, crystalline energy, and sacred geometries.  The combination of energies used in this technique make it very unique and effective in not only clearing negative energies and entities, but also in creating a pristine, high-energy and sacred space upon its completion.

A Sacred Geometry Space Clearing accomplishes five key things:

1)  It clears stagnant energy and powerfully uplifts the energy of your space, attuning it to energy of unconditional love, also called Shamballa.  It also clears disturbances from entities/ghosts as well as energy from 'daily wear and tear,' such as thought forms created by repetition of negative thoughts, negatively charged emotional encounters, and traumatic events which took place in your space during or previous to your occupancy of it.

2) It assists in holding your intentions for the space by energetically holding them on a crystalline grid.

3)  It enhances the amount of life force spiraling into the space via the use of sacred geometry, on the subtle level of the space.  This improves the health and feelings of well-being for the space's residents and visitors alike.

4)  It creates an energy that is conducive to balance in all ways- including balanced relationships, business dealings, emotions, and weather patterns.

5)  It creates a space that is highly conducive to spiritual energy flow, sensitivity, and practices.  This facilitates great results from meditation, energy healing modalities, and contemplation/reflection in general.

Sacred geometry space clearings are accomplished remotely using distance healing techniques.

To set up an appointment for a space clearing, contact Bridget Krutzik via phone or e-mail:



Initial Clearing: 

Maintenance Clearings:
(Recommended every 6 months to one year to maintain clarity.) 

Image Source:  The Waking Times 

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