Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Diffusing Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Purifies the Air You Breathe, Improves Oxygenation Levels, and Improves Your Mood!

If the air that we breathe is clean and full of oxygen, we feel well.  However, the air we typically breathe in our homes, our cars, and our offices, is typically polluted by the chemicals used in the manufacture of wall paneling, furniture, upholstery, even clothing--not to mention the cleaning products, disinfectants, chemically based "air fresheners," and perfumes that are loaded with synthetic chemicals that can be literally sickening.  All of the aforementioned items contain one if not more known carcinogens, in fact.  Indoor air is also typically low in oxygen because, unlike the outdoors, it is not filled with plants.  Being in low oxygen environments for too long tends to put us in a low energy, fatigued state. 

Essential oils can freshen the air  naturally as well as add healthy levels of oxygen to it.  These oils also provide a number of additional benefits worth noting:  For exaample, diffusing essential oils in office environments has been proven to reduce mental errors by 50%.  Diffusing essential oils in your bedroom can help you fall asleep, deepen your sleep, and boost body repair processes that occur during sleep.  A travel diffuser is  remarkably effective for preventing fatigue when driving for long periods of time in automobiles.


The Core Benefits of Diffusing Essential Oils into Any Environment Are:

Reducing bacteria, fungus, mold, and unpleasant odors
Promoting relaxation, relieving tension, and clearing the mind
Assisting with weight management
Improved concentration, alertness, and mental clarity
Stimulating neurotransmitters, which result in increased feelings of well-being and improved moods
Stimulating endorphin production
Stimulating growth hormone production and receptivity (which is associated with longevity and faster  healing/recovery rates)
Improvement in the secretion of IgA antibodies that fight candida, an unfriendly fungus that underlies digestive health issues
Improving digestive function
Improving hormonal balance
Improved immune system functioning
Helping to relieve headaches
Relieving breathing difficulties and congestion

To receive the benefits of diffusing essential oils, therapeutic grade oils must be used as well as a type of cold-air diffusion technology.  (Diffusers that heat the oils actually destroy their therapeutic constituents in the difusion process.)  Visit  to learn more.  From this site, you can also purchase therapeutic oils and diffusers on-line.


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