Divine Spark Energy Healing

What is Divine Spark Energy Healing?

Divine Spark Healing 

Divine Spark Healing facilitates a remembrance of who you truly are- a Spark of the Divine.  
This age is the age of reconnection... of remembering our own Divine nature as a perfect, whole, and complete aspect of God.   During each Divine Spark session, a bridge is created between you and your Divine Spark (also known by the names Higher Self or Soul)- along with a multitude of healing energies from higher light beings & the Cosmos- in order to create greater wholeness within you.  

What are the benefits of a Divine Spark Healing Session?

  • Rejuvenation
  • Pain Reduction or Resolution
  • Acceleration of Natural Healing Processes in the Body/Mind
  • A Calm, Centered Mind
  • Deep Relaxation
  • Enhanced Creativity
  • Increased Mental Clarity
  • Emotional Healing and Balance
  • Increased Self Awareness
  • Lightness of Heart
  • Release of Held Negative Emotions/Traumas (from this life or prior life experiences)
  • Release of Negative Ancestral Patterns and Cellular Memories 
  • Enhancement of One's Ability to Forgive and Release
  • Easy Release of Negative Belief Systems and Thought Patterns
  • A Sense of Oneness with All Life
  • Spiritual Aliveness or Connection
What is a Session like?

An in-person session takes place while you are comfortably relaxed, fully clothed, on a massage tables.  During the session, I place my hands lightly on or above your body to direct the energy flow.  

A distance healing session takes place while you are relaxed comfortably in your home.  After you have set an intention for your session either via the phone or e-mail ahead of time, the healing itself can be scheduled at your convenience.  Everybody experiences this type of healing work differently.  Some feel deeply relaxed and peaceful and may fall asleep;  some people feel the presence of the angels very strongly or may see colors;  some may receive spiritual messages;  some feel nothing during the session but notice its lightening effects in their hearts and minds later;  and still others feel warmth, tingling, or other pleasant sensations throughout their body.  It is advantageous to be open and free of expectations before a session because that will allow the energy to be experienced in the most perfect way it can for you as a unique individual.

Appointments are approximately one hour in length. 

To schedule an appointment, contact Bridget:  

By phone:  262-949-0288 

Divine Spark Healing Session:
(via distance healing or in person)

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