Positive Reviews

Divine Alignment & Channeling Sessions

"Bridget Krutzik has worked with me on distance healing sessions and angelic readings for over 2 years allowing tremendous personal spiritual, mental and physical healing.  As an individual who has struggled with clinical depression, and the physical ramifications of eating a diet of processed foods, she has educated me and bridged my meditation to achieve a deeper self-awareness of who I am, a deeper peace and acceptance of life as it is and what it will bring.  

I’ve experienced encouragement, spiritual, mental and physical healing on a level that has exceeded the standard means of psychotherapy and nutrition counseling and so thankful for her ministry.  It’s been life transforming.
I highly recommend Bridget for distance sessions, angelic readings and education on nutrition.  She’s awesome!"

"Last year when I was struggling with difficulties in my personal and professional life I signed up for a healing with Bridget.  During the first session, I immediately experienced a sense of peace and could feel the healing and loving presence of my angels offering me guidance.  The initial session directed me to a path of spiritual growth and inner healing and my life is forever changed.  The remote sessions are just as powerful!  

Anyone seeking inner peace of mind, heart and spirit should contact Bridget.  Her touch is amazing!"

"I have been fortunate enough to attend several information sharing sessions with Bridget and cannot even begin to communicate how  her intuitiveness and guidance has impacted my life and those of my family.  Bridget's wealth of knowledge about the use of essential oils to promote calmness and sleep, to aid digestion and just their use and availability to help with everyday situations has been extremely valuable.  Best of all, I have been able to attend two of Bridget's Life Food's dinners...by far...the BEST CUISINE I have ever tasted and completely enjoyed.  I was so amazed by the abundance of flavors and energy that I experienced.  That is when Bridget told me that there is something known as, "a raw food high."  No doubt about it...I had that experience and absolutely LOVED it.  Since the dinners, I have been striving to add more raw foods to my diet and can't express the health benefits I have achieved  from incorporating ALL of the suggestions Bridget has offered.  She truly is a blessing to all that she comes in contact with.  I am looking forward to our next Life Foods Dinner experience!  Thank you, Bridget."



This note is a little overdue, but I wanted to thank you for your help and insight.  After my auto accident on April 11, I was experiencing severe pain in my upper chest where the air bag impacted me and whiplash pain in my neck and back.  I wanted to limit the use of over the counter pain relievers, due to liver sensitivity.  Chiropractic care helped to speed my recovery, but I was still experiencing pain, especially at rest or sleeping.  The essential oil Pan-away you recommended not only helped relieve the back and neck pain but I also found it relieved headache pain.  I have had little success with over the counter pain relievers in the past for my occasional headaches, so this was great!

I'm glad you are a resource of information on alternative methods to heal from injury and illness, as I feel over the counter and prescription drugs can create more harm than good in the body.  I feel the goal is to restore health not just treat symptoms.  For people who are becoming disenchanted with the western way of traditional medical practice, I would recommend they consult you for a more natural approach and options to healing and maintaining health."

Space Clearings

"My neighbors were at wits end with their summer home they had newly purchased.  Their teenage sons were troubled to the point of not wanting to stay at the home as well as the parents.  The parents both conservative professionals didn't believe in ghosts or spirits however were willing to try a consult for help from Bridget.  Much to their amazement it worked!  They are at peace in their summer home and have never been bothered again."


"As a person who never believed in ghosts, I was shocked and frightened  when about a year-and-a-half ago,  I began having problems with a “presence” waking me up at night.  It felt strong, angry and threatening. I couldn’t really see it, but knew it was there. Not having had any experiences with this sort of thing, I asked the friend least likely to laugh at me if she had any suggestions and she gave me Bridget’s phone number.

I was skeptical, but desperate. We set up a time for a clearing a few days from then.  With a sudden schedule change, I left Bridget a message that the house would  be empty a day or two earlier than I thought because we’d be away. When I heard nothing in reply, we went away for the day, assuming the clearing would go on at the later date. However, on arriving home that night, I walked into the living room and immediately noticed a calmer, safer feel to the house. I commented to my husband that perhaps we wouldn’t need the clearing after all! However, the next morning, Bridget called to report that she had done the clearing early and went on to explain exactly what she found and answered my questions clearly. I knew at that moment that she was really able to do what she said she could, because I had no expectation of finding the house “clear” on the day that I did, so it could not have been wishful thinking or any other tricks of my mind.

Since that time, Bridget has cleared our home every few months as we have come to enjoy the peaceful supportive energy of a cleared  living space. With this addition to our home maintenance routine, we have found more restful sleep, more enjoyment of our time at home and fresh perspectives on our journey through life. I have enthusiastically recommended her services to several friends, hoping they will let themselves enjoy similar benefits to their home and their family."