Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Clary Sage Essential Oil Calms, while also Boosting Women's Health

Clary Sage
Clary sage essential oil has a calming, nurturing aroma and is especially beneficial for women.  It is simple to apply, allowing you to benefit from its properties almost effortlessly!

Clary Sage...
  •  is a tonic, meaning it boosts overall well-being regardless of the challenges being experienced
  •  contributes to the health of the female reproductive system, having a hormone-balancing effect for many that assists with cramps, menstrual pain, and perimenopausal hot flashes
  • can be helpful in cases of low sex drive in women or impotence in men - partly due to its hormone balancing effects, and partly because of its ability to alleviate stress and fear, which can contribute to these challenges as well
  • is an excellent relaxant, with aphrodisiacal and antidepressant characteristics 
  • helps induce sleep for people experiencing insomnia
  • alleviates feelings of paranoia, panic, or hysteria
  • helps relieve post-natal depression
  • assists with labor and alleviating labor pains for women giving birth
  • assists general recovery and healing from illnesses and injuries of any type
  • is a general tonic for the stomach and digestive system, relieving problems created by tension in this area (such as indigestion)
  • helps keep the skin healthy when applied topically because it can regulate secretions of the skin
  • on an emotional level, is known to increase feelings of confidence and courage, while decreasing feelings of nervousness, irritability and anxiety
  • relieves stress
  • can be beneficial for nervous disorders accompanied by weakness and debility

    Application Suggestions-
    1. Apply Clary Sage essential oil topically,
    2. Benefit from Clary Sage through inhalation by diffusing it into the air with one of Young Living's diffusers. 
    3. Apply to your wrists and temples.
    4. Use it as a perfume.
    5. Put a few drops on the bottom of your feet and it will enter your pores and circulate throughout your entire body.
    6. Add a few drops to a warm bath.apply at the wrists as a perfume or at the wrists, temples, or bottoms of feet for relaxation. 
    7. Put a few drops on your pillow at night for its dream-enhancing or relaxation properties.

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    Safety Information: Test a small amount of essential oil on the inside of your arm to check for allergy/sensitivity before applying to your body.  Always use oils in the recommended amounts (do not overuse them):  Your body will tell you when you've had enough in general, but it is important to note that using too much of any substance, natural or otherwise (even water!), will give you adverse effects.

    Where do I find Clary Sage oil?  

    The benefits above only apply to properly distilled, therapeutic grade essential oils.  The quality of oils in the general marketplace varies.  Many oils are distilled in a way that retains their scent, but not the therapeutic chemical constituents that give them their effectiveness.  Still other oils are cut with other ingredients or chemicals that reduce their potency and may have adverse effects.  At this time, these 'extra' ingredients are not required to be labeled.  Therapeutic grade essential oils are pure (meaning free of fillers) and are distilled using a process that was developed over many years and determined to optimize the measurable levels of therapeutic constituents of the oils.

    Therapeutic grade, pure essential oils that are regularly tested and researched for their potency are available from:  

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  1. I like its benefits for women. I think it's what they need in order to boost their health. It's similar to ginseng supplements because they both give support for our health.

  2. I love the smell of clary sage, it's pretty potent. I would add a bit of lavender to it and put it in a base oil to use on it skin, unless it comes in one already. I find it allows the scent to linger longer.