Sunday, May 19, 2013

Your Family History Does Not Determine Your Health Destiny

Baby Bella is already beginning to create her own health destiny by eating yams for lunch!

Did you know that diseases that "run in families" are in fact primarily caused by lifestyle habits that are passed on from generation to generation, rather than genetics?  From the study of epigenetics, we have been gifted the knowledge that only three percent of our DNA is genetic and 97% of our genes are epigenetic.  Epegenetic means affected by everything (diet, attitude, and habits of all types).  

By engaging in positive lifestyle habits and eating a healthy diet, you can literally turn on longevity genes and never manifest any of the diseases that "run" in your family.  

“There is a choice. You have to be willing to change your life. You have to love yourself enough to heal yourself”
~ Dr. Gabriel Cousens

For further study, read Spiritual Nutrition by Gabriel Cousens or check out one of Bruce Lipton's books or his Youtube channel (  

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