Weekly Divine Alignment Sessions

Divine Spark Alignment Sessions make a strong connection to your own Divine Essence... your Soul Spark.  We are all created in the image and likeness of God, and our Soul Spark is our own unique expression- or part- of God that we are here to express on Earth.  To the degree that we are true to our own soul spark's expression, we feel joyful, fulfilled, happy, and healthy.  To the degree that we have wandered astray from our soul's true path, we may feel disheartened, lost, or unhealthy.

Divine Spark Alignment Sessions connect you to the most powerful healing energy of all- the light of your own soul, which is fully immersed in Source Energy (also called the light of God by some individuals).  "Light beings," who are further along the evolutionary path than humanity, also come to assist in these sessions- such as ascended masters, Angels, Archangels, Advanced beings from other dimensions or planets, your own Soul Group, and more.  The healing that they bring is always multidimensional, complex, and perfect for your needs at the time you receive it.  Bridget is consistently meditating to integrate the highest frequencies of light available to Earth in order to pass them along in Divine Spark Sessions.  The energy of crystal beings - from this dimension and higher dimensions- as well as flower essences, power animals, frequencies of colors and other earth elements, plus sacred symbols/geometry are also utilized in these uplifting sessions to help clear any imbalances (in the body, mind, or Spirit) toward full integration of your Soul's Light. 

What are the benefits of Divine Spark Alignment Sessions?

  • Rejuvenation 
  • Pain Reduction or Resolution
  • Acceleration of Healing
  • A Calm, Centered Mind
  • Deep Relaxation
  • Enhanced Creativity
  • Increased Mental Clarity
  • Emotional Healing and Balance
  • Increased Self Awareness
  • Lightness of Heart
  • Release of Old Emotional Traumas
  • Enhancement of One's Ability to Forgive and Release
  • Easy Release of Negative Belief Systems and Thought Patterns
  • A Sense of Oneness with All Life
  • Spiritual Connection

What is a Session like? 

Weekly Distance Sessions

Weekly group distance sessions take place while you are relaxed comfortably in your own home.  You can choose to tune into the frequencies of the session each Friday at 1:00 p.m.  However, even if you don't "tune in" at that time, you can receive the healing at the perfect time for you, through the power of intention.  The intelligence of the energy itself and the Spirit guides directing it allow flexibility in the timing of your receiving of the frequencies.  

Everyone has their own unique experience of Divine Spark Sessions.  Some feel deeply relaxed and peaceful and may fall asleep;  some people feel the presence of the angels very strongly or may see colors;  some may receive spiritual messages;  some feel nothing during the session but notice its lightening effects in their hearts and minds later;  and still others feel warmth, tingling, or other pleasant sensations throughout their body.  It is advantageous to be open and free of expectations before a session because that will allow the energy to be experienced in the most perfect way it can for you as a unique individual.

Sessions are approximately one hour in length.  The repetition and regularity of this type of healing increases its potency. 

Distance Divine Alignment Sessions

Single Monthly Session:


One Month Subscription:


Contact Bridget to make an appointment or to Subscribe to Weekly Sessions:  

By phone:  262-949-0288 

Image Source:  https://charlotteszivak.com/healinglight-body-activation


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