Thursday, September 23, 2010

An Evening with Brian Clement

Last evening, I attended a raw vegan potluck, which was followed by a talk by Brian Clement.  His talk encompassed a lot of different topics, including how much he has learned about both instinctual, grounded living and following your heart from being present with people during births and deaths (or near deaths).

Brian Clement is the Director of the Hippocrates Health Institute, now located in West Palm Beach, Florida.  The Institute has the distinction as having helped more people than any other treatment center in the WORLD overcome catastrophic illnesses.  Dr. Clement gave some very personal accounts of people that he'd assisted to restore health at the institute despite very grim diagnoses by their traditional oncologists and having been given only a few months to live.  He talked about his experiences with assisting people with brain cancer, melanoma, and prostate cancer specifically.  He also spoke about the new phenomenon of "active aging" that the institute helps people with, which involves healthy diet, exercise, and detoxification techniques that help people age with much more vitality and in good health.  

If I could sum up the important points Dr. Clement shared, they would be the following:
  • The most important ingredient for health is having passion, a reason for being
  • All life comes from the sun and the more sprouts and greens we eat, the more solar energy we avail ourselves to, and the healthier we will be.  Chlorophyll is a super-tonic for humans!
  • Oxygen is the most important nutrient.  We get oxygen through deep breathing, eating raw/living foods (rich in oxygen), and drinking water that has not been degraded by fluoride or being run through copper pipes
  • 98% of supplements on the market, including fish oils, are toxic to the human body (I know- controversial!  I believe him, though, as his research is impeccable;  see his book, supplements exposed.)
I didn't know exactly what to expect before seeing Dr. Clement speak.  What he delivered, however, was an incredible, heart-centered speech that inspired me to 1- live more from my heart and 2- eat more sprouts!  Thank you, Dr. Clement.


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