Friday, August 27, 2010

Raw Vegan Cinnamon Buns with Heavenly Chocolate Sauce

These are some chewy, sweet, and chocolaty cinnamon buns (move over cinna-buns!) I made for a breakfast-for-dinner party as a dish to pass.  They were very well received by a crowd not necessarily into raw foods or even health foods. 

This is just one of MANY recipes offered in David Wolfe and Shazzie's book on the best kept health secret in the world- RAW CHOCOLATE.  And yes- the raw part is the key!!!  Raw chocolate has 700% more antioxidants than even the best organic cooked chocolate and several more bliss chemicals (anandamides).  Pure chocolate, taken in its original form also has a rich history and is a food that opens up your heart and consciousness to blissful experiences.

Read the book!... make some chocolaty concoctions... and send them to me please :)

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